3-d Geometric Concrete Mural

By February 10, 2016 No Comments
3-d concrete mural

3-d concrete muralAs part of our new Elegant decay theme for 2016 I have added another colourway to our Patina XL 3-d Geometric Concrete Mural. The bold geometric design is now available in a monochrome colourway which  helps give it a more contemporary feel. It’s a very close to the original design however I decided to use a bold white highlight in a different area of the artwork which helps balance the dark two tone areas in the original 3-d mural. The original 3-d Geometric Concrete Mural started life as a concrete wall inspired by 1970’s concrete jungle architecture.

On this occasion the design actually looks better in black and white so I decided to launch this as a separate colourway. For those of you who wanted a little more of a contemporary feel this is the one for you. This mural will suit large loft spaces and feature walls, it is designed to repeat after the 2.1m width and its 3m height is perfect for curated spaces.

I am a big Banksy fan, so this design is in homage to the man himself. I often start my designs in black and white then add the colour later on as a final layer. I find the simplicity of the black and white tones beautiful they help give the piece a more contemporary feel. I’m not sure why this is exactly but I do love the simplicity of the Scandinavians and their design ethos. I also love moody black and white photos, maybe this has something to do with it?

Sometimes less is more, the difficulty is knowing when to stop ‘tweaking’.