Acrylic LED light sculpture

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Acrylic LED light Sculpture

I have been busy experimenting with LED and acrylic to produce edge lit  sculptures for 2017. My experimental work has been a success and I am happy to announce I will be launching the first edge lit Acrylic LED light sculpture in Spring 2017.

Experiments with light

I have for a long time been fascinated with how light interacts with materials and objects. I produced my first ‘DADA’ lamp in my final year at Sheffield Hallam university. The lamp was made out of silicone blocks stacked on top of each other. A Fluorescent light bulb lit the silicone blocks from within. I piped silicone into molds creating a textured square block. When the lamp was switched on it resembled a block of ice. I was hooked and once again I am experimenting with light.

Acrylic LED light Sculpture

It is my intention to complete this body of work, I’m confident that this is the correct direction as an artist. I am also intrigued by perspective and repeating lines. My acrylic LED light sculptures will feature these edge lit structures.

I have produced a number of interesting lighting effects by experimenting with edge lit acrylic & LED technology. Recent developments in low voltage energy & LED technology have given my concepts greater flexibility Jon Thomas