Architectural Wallpaper

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architecture wallaper

architectural wallpaperIn an alternate universe I am a very successful architect, I can see my NY open plan office now if I close my eyes. Bare concrete walls, brick, wrought iron stairs, large glass windows,…you get my drift.  I have always had a deep fascination with buildings old and new. Since I was small I always had the tendency to look up rather than forward when exploring cities. This would often end in tears especially on the crowded streets of London. I would often count the number of windows in these buildings, yes this sounds weird but I still do it to this day. Can’t explain why perhaps it’s something to do with my dyslexia (more on this at a later time) but I am always compelled to count.

Maybe this explains why I found myself drawn to designing architectural wallpapers when I sat down looking for inspiration? buildings, patterns, symmetry, repeats…this would explain a lot. I am interested in both contemporary and period architecture. One of my first architectural wallpaper designs the ‘Benjamin XL paneling wallpaper‘ was a direct result of visiting the historic buildings in London and Paris. I would spend hours looking at the intricate cornice and plasterwall panels. They were so very detailed but yet so elegant and refined, when designing the Ben XL I wanted to recreate the same synergy in the design.

It took me months before I was happy with the outline designs for my panelling wallpaper. I found it a real challenge to produce a design that would be suitable in both period and contemporary homes. It was not my intention to recreate a historic wall panel but to come up with something with a twist…something original for people looking to renovate or add character to their interiors. That fact you are now able to get a bespoke wall panel designed printed and fitted to your wall is major step forward from the more traditional handmade wooden alternatives on the market.

I find my designs are increasingly drawn to man made architecture, the structures of beautiful buildings like the Eiffel tower in Paris are a treasure trove for a designer. My next design will be loosely based on cast iron and metal architecture in and around Paris & London.