Bespoke Wall Panelling

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Distressed panelling wallpaper

Bespoke wall panelling for your home without the hassle of painting or the costs of a specialist carpenter! We provide a totally bespoke wall panelling service where clients can get the look of real period wood panels without the hassle and traditional costs involved. Real wood panelling is very expensive in comparison to our top quality digitaly printed panelling wallpaper.

Our bespoke wall panelling benefits?

The benefits are easy to see, firstly there is the obvious cost saving of not having to hire a skilled carpenter who will usually have to charge for his time as well as the costs for the wood and paint on top. Individual solid wood panels can literally cost anything from £100 – £500 per m2. Then there is the hassle and the mess, tradesmen (even the well organised ones) create dust and noise. The good tradesmen are also in high demand so you will be lucky if you can find a reputable carpenter who can start within the month.

Our panels are quick & straightforward to install and are cost effective compared to traditional methods, no dust noise or painting involved. From start to finish we can get you your bespoke wall panelling in a matter of weeks.

How does it work?

You supply your wall dimensions, choose a colour (free A4 stock samples are available) and we will print, hand trim and deliver your bespoke wall panelling direct to your door in a matter of weeks. All you need then is to hire a decorator and your panels will literally be up on your walls within hours. No mess, no painting no extra costs involved it’s as easy as that. We can print panels to fit any sized walls, residential or commercial so even if you live in a period house with very high ceilings or a new build our panels will be tailor made for your space. Our standard wall panel width is 1m however we can print individual panels up to 1.25m in width and if you just want 1 large panel on one large wall (think french chateau’s) we can even do this too.

Have a look at our Benjamin XL panelling (pictured) which showcases what is possible with digital print and order your free A4 sample by sending us your postal address using this form. If you have any questions about this service please don’t hesitate to get in touch, we are here to help. For more information on our bespoke wall panelling service click here.