Lucite circle pendant light by Jon ThomasBespoke / Commissions

As well as producing wallpaper and lighting we also offer a totally bespoke design service. We are more than happy to take a brief and will work with you to produce your very own wallpaper, mural or lighting to suit your home or project, please get in touch to discuss your plans further.

Bespoke wallpaper – How does it work?

You specify the size of your walls & custom colour if required (CYMK/PANTONE colour references) using this contact form or email A no obligation estimate will be sent to you for consideration. Once your happy with the quote we will print your bespoke wallpaper and deliver to you direct. When you receive your wallpaper it will be numbered according to the plan included in the box, please give this plan to your decorator.

Measuring your walls

When measuring your walls try to as accurate as possible, please send us your wall measurements in mm Calculate the height and width of each wall and number each wall appropriately. We can only print square panels so if your walls have any irregularities your decorator will need to trim accordingly. An example of how to send us your wall measurements:

Wall (A)
Height 3000 mm x Width 5000 mm

Wall (B)
Height 2900 mm x 3000 mm

Vinyl Wallpaper

We use a 300 – 400 gsm quality paper/fabric backed vinyl as standard. We do have other vinyl  finishes that we can print on if required, please get in touch to discuss.


  • Please make sure to measure your walls properly, we cannot be held responsible for panels that do not fit.
  • We will always print the finished panels slightly larger than necessary so there is some tolerance (approx 30mm will be added to each edge), ready for the decorator to trim on to the wall.
  • All artwork & wallpaper must be paid before production stage can commence.
  • No refunds on bespoke/tailior made panels or wallpaper


We recommend that our super wide wallpaper panels be hung by trained professionals who are used to working with wide width wallpapers. All our vinyl wallpapers will need to be trimmed to fit your walls using the overlap and trim method. Please make sure your decorator has experience in working with this method of hanging wide wallpaper before purchasing your panels.

Hanging Wide Width Wallcoverings

  1. Prepare your walls in the normal way.
  2. Decide on the starting point in the room & plumb a line for the first drop or draw a feint vertical guide line.
  3. Measure the length of the first drop adding sufficient excess top & bottom to allow for trimming. Take into account that variations in floor & ceiling level could occur.
  4. Paste the wall, ensuring generous & even coverage of the area to be covered by the first drop, paying particular attention to the edges, the top & the bottom.
  5. To hang the first drop, press it onto the pasted wall along the top. Keeping the rest of the paper off the wall align the edge of the paper to the vertical guide line. Once in position use a plastic spatula to smooth the paper downwards & outwards, removing all air bubbles. Trim top & bottom.
  6. Paste the required area & hang the second drop overlapping the edge of the first drop by approx. 30mm, to match the pattern. Secure the rest of the paper as before.
  7. Cut through the centre of the overlap with a very sharp blade using a metal edge as a guide. Ensure metal cutting guide is appropriate for the wall surface. We recommend a short edge that is pliable enough to mould to the wall.
  8. Pull away the 2 strips of paper, flap back the edges & re-paste. Press edges back into position to form a perfect join. Now trim top & bottom.