‘Conflict’ sculpture series

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Jon Thomas Sculpture

‘Conflict’ is a new series of lighting sculptures by artist Jon Thomas. For 2017 Jon decided to develop a new skill, casting. ‘It was always my intention to embed my acrylic lens in a solid base of some type. I knew casting was an option however I had zero experience with this process. With a little luck and lots of experimentation I begun to experiment with different plasters, materials & molds. I quickly fell in love while experimenting with plaster of Paris. I can see why artists have used it for centuries…it’s a very simple yet beautiful material to work with.”

Jon Thomas conflict series sculptureThe new series records the development of this new experimentation, sculpture by sculpture. “As a multidisciplinary designer with over 25 years experience It was difficult to initially let go of perfection..of everything I have learnt. The whole process of casting has taught me to let embrace the emerging artist inside. The designer still seeks control, form follows function, straight lines. But the artist seeks his voice…he wants me to let go.”Conflict sculpture series by Jon Thomas

This struggle between the two is the impetus behind this new series. Each sculpture a battle, some sculptures feature ‘raw’ unfinished edges (photo on the left) . It is these raw areas that best represent the artist inside. The perfectly straight & finished areas are still controlled by the designer. (2nd photo on the right).

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