Design inspiration

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old doorway in Havana Cuba

1. The process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.

Inspiration is what makes me tick as a designer, it is the spark that ignites the whole process. How important is inspiration in the design process? Very! without being focused on a particular idea or subject I will often flounder and my design will suffer as a result. I was taught at university that the entire creative process always begins the same way…with inspiration.

So as a designer where do I find my inspiration?

The short answer to this is everywhere! Architecture, art, books, fashion, travel, nature, food, people..the list goes on. It’s certainly easier to create with it than without it. If the creative process is to be a success it is our responsibility to ourselves to insure we are properly inspired. I visit my local book shop every weekend, yes even in the digital world there is still something magical about picking up a book off a shelf and flicking through its pages. I often find myself in the art and design section, this isn’t a prerequisite mind you its just that the fiction sections of my local Waterstones are less useful.

One of my very first wallpaper designs the Wye vintage bookshelf was inspired by one of my favorite places in the world the small market town of Hay on-Wye in Wales. Here you will find cobbled streets, old pubs and several excellent old bookshops that provided the actual books and the inspiration for that design. I find lots of inspiration for my wallpaper in old buildings and architecture. I visited old Havana in Cuba when Fidel Castro was still in power which was truly inspiring for me. Old tiles, crumbling walls,  balconies, cigars, palm trees, old 5o’s cars…

Travelling is another useful resource I find visits to Paris and London invaluable, old buildings, old doors, street signs, graffiti the list goes on. What i don’t photograph I try to store for when an idea needs a spark of inspiration something to get the ball rolling.