Edge-lit acrylic LED lighting

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Loop LED lighting sculpture

Our new edge-lit acrylic LED lighting collection is the result of months of development work. All our lamps are designed by Jon Thomas and made in Great Britain from only the best materials available. Each lighting sculpture is constructed with care and much love. We have designed our new range specifically with the high end hospitality sector in mind. We believe that customers are searching for decorative low energy lighting options for their business and interiors. Our state of the art LED’s provide some of the brightest light (measured in Lumens) on the market. They are optimized for 12v low energy consumption. Our largest ‘Eclipse’ light uses less than 10 Watts in total but gives out as much light as a traditional 60 Watt bulb!

Zig LED lighting sculptureSlice LED lighting sculptureLoop LED Lighting SculptureEdge-lit acrylic LED lightingEdge-lit signature

Each lamp in the new collection features our edge-lit signature. The overall shape of the lamp together with the illuminated parallel shards of acrylic create a contemporary modern vibe. Our lights are designed to glow & add ambiance to an interior. Hang them individually or in groups for dramatic impact!

All our new lights including the new LOOP & ECLIPSE lights are constructed from solid brass which gives a lovely contrast to the colourful & contemporary Perspex® sheet. Solid brass disks & end caps are all engineered specifically for our lights. We have chosen polished brass as it is a warm metal and perfect for the interior sector. All lights are constructed ready to hang using a 1.5m high tensile stainless steel cable. All you need to power our lights is a standard LED 240v/12v driver. NB We can supply a longer LED cable and hanging cable should you need to power the pendants further away from the actual installation.

Acrylic LED light Sculpture

Low energy Lighting

12v or low energy lighting is the future of hospitality as it allows greater flexibility to shopfitters and of course saves money and energy in the long term. Our LED’s are super bright without the high Watts of traditional lights or bulbs. We also love the flexibility this new technology gives us the designer. There are several different types of LED (light emitting diodes) on the market and its this variety that frees us as lighting designers. No longer do we have to design our lights around the 240v bayonet fitting!

Edge-lit LED development

We have spent a huge amount of time experimenting with light, LED’s and acrylic in order to produce our new range of low energy LED edge-lit light sculptures. We not only had to find the brightest LED available but also the right type and size for our designs. Recent advancements in the low energy LED sector made this quest possible.

The LED’s used in our new lighting collection were chosen for their exceptional light emitting output (lumens). We experimented with a wide range of LED chips, each with different properties. The type we use are some of the the brightest on the market and ensure a consistent and even distribution of light through the acrylic sheet without too much heat.

Fluorescent Perspex®

Perspex® offer a wide range of acrylics, but it was the new fluorescent range that caught our eye. The fluorescent acrylics gave us the contemporary edge that we had been searching for. Even when the light is switched off, the fluorescent acrylic sheet seems to attract light and glow all by itself.

perspex fluorescent acrylic