Industrial chic

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Copper pipes

I have always loved the industrial chic look, copper pipes, exposed concrete walls, wrought iron. Bare metal reminds us of our industrial past, a by gone era. Black and white films, factories, steam engines. There is something intrinsically beautiful about bare copper for example. I was in London recently for a trade show and came across these beautiful copper pipes in the men’s room at one of Bills restaurants. Beautiful aren’t they? trust me I don’t take photos in the men’s toilets but these pipes caught my eye and I always like to take a quick snap for my ‘ideas library’.

Brooklyn Wallpaper

So it’s February 2016 and I have decided that my next wallpaper will be based around this metal industrial trend. I am currently researching all things metal so keep posted folks as I think this will be quite a test to make metal work in an interior setting without it being too overbearing or ‘heavy’. I’m not trying to recreate the titanic but I definitely have a metal and rivet based design in a neutral colour in my head at the moment…On my last visit to NY I was captivated by the Brooklyn bridge so I think I will use this as the theme of my new metal based design…think distressed metal, rivets and bridge supports. I have sketched a brief design already, seems it was in my head all the the tricky part to bring it too life 🙂

Copper pipes