LED & OLED Lighting Development

By December 15, 2016 No Comments
LED & OLED Lighting Development

I’ve been busy working on my LED & OLED Lighting Development for my next Lighting collection in 2017. This new collection is all about the edges & will utilize new LED & OLED Lighting Technology.

I am developing an edge lit collection of very large sculptures that will be lit by low voltage LED technology. My two previous acrylic lamps Centric & Flight from the ‘primitive’ collection focused on overlapping shards of acrylic. Both used a conventional 240v power source. LED technology allows more flexibility in the design, and its low voltage makes it perfect for more complex creations.

LED & OLED Lighting DevelopmentMy initial development is proving quite successful, you can see an early edge lit acrylic example in the photograph on the left. My first lamps used an opal acrylic sheet the new collection will focus on bold colours & translucent acrylic sheets. I have more development work to do but I am happy with my experimentation so far.

LED & OLED Lighting Technology

LED & OLED Lighting Technology has come of age most recently. LED’s give the designer more flexibility and the low power consumption is a bonus. OLED technology (Organic Light Emitting Diodes) is the latest development and uses an organic semiconductor to provide light.

The main advantages of OLEDS are flexibility and direct light diffusion. The crystals can be formed in flexible thin cross sections. As the low 12v is passed through the sheet it glows without the harsh light of the traditional light emitting diode (LED). Thus providing a diffused thin section of white light which is also highly flexible. I would like to use this new OLED technology in my designs for my new light sculptures.