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lifestyle photography

lifestyle photographySo this month I have mostly been busy focusing on creating new lifestyle photography for the web site. The previous wallpaper shots were done a long time ago and needed updating. Spring is a really great time for photography as the light is often diffused by clouds which makes photography easier. The whole process is very time consuming but its always worth it in the end to see your results! I forgot how much I love the styling bit of the process, always handy to have lots of props and interesting collectibles to feature in the photos.

I decided I needed a few new plants so plant shopping starts in earnest with a trip to my local Wyvale to scout out suitable foliage & architectural plants. I’ve always loved big leafy jungle plants and cactus and they seem to be popular at the moment so I focused on them. After spending about an hour in the indoor section I left with about 6 cool plants in total, 2 cactus 1 rubber plant, 1 jungle palm and some some other foliage specimens.

After the plants its back to the studio to start composing the photos. After deciding on which designs i’m shooting first I will then start composing the photos by placing objects and plants together. This is where that side table or sideboard comes in handy, the more interesting the better. It helps that I love online shopping auctions, thrift shops and am currently addicted to buying on Etsy. I have found several very cool mid modern lights that I will be featuring in some of my photos alongside my plants…my postman will be busy this month!

As well as plants I have been busy sourcing copper and cement plant pots as well as fab lighting and a few other random objects for my lifestyle photography shots. I’m quite lucky I have a collection of quirky pieces that work quite well in photos alongside my wallpaper. I will be uploading the new shots at the end of the month so stay tuned!

Jon Thomas