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Madison Wallpaper Design Story

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madison wood design inspiration

madison wood design inspiration

Madison wood wallpaper was one of my very first designs that combined geometric pattern with wood texture. The pattern was inspired by an old white barn I photographed on one of my walks in Winter. The barn had a pair of beautiful old wooden doors. The placement of the wood boards at 45 degree angles caught my attention immediately and I couldn’t wait to get back home to start sketching.

I loved the simplicity of the wooden doors and wanted to convey this feeling in my design. The contrast in the lines of the wood panels against the painted white timbers reminded me of Scandinavian design. Some of the wooden side panels on the barn I photographed had peeling paint and the old wood had begun to show through. Back in the studio I thought about using these bare wooden areas as part of the design. The majority of the barn was painted white so I needed to find a way to add contrast without making the design too fussy and this was the answer.

I begun painstakingly cutting each of the useful bits of the old wooden boards out from my photographs. As I started to arrange the boards at 45 degree angles on my computer I could see a diamond shape starting to appear. I continued to arrange the wooden boards so that the wood beneath followed this rough diamond pattern. I did not want to create perfect diamond shapes so I intentionally left areas where the wood boards and distressed areas did not meet. I think this adds to the rustic appearance of the wallpaper making it a lot more interesting. After all the old wooden barn was not perfect.

Madison wood is particularity suited to Scandinavian and nautical themed interiors and I am very happy with its final conclusion.

Jon Thomas