Textured wallpaper

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Textured wallpaper

Textured wallpaper adds a third dimension to an interior, wallpaper does not have to be flat. Our bespoke wall panelling service features a raised and embossed 3-d stucco textured vinyl wallpaper (as pictured). This embossed wallpaper surface catches the light in several places and helps to create the elusion of real period wall panelling. The wall panels are printed with highlights and shadows which mimic actual wood panels. We also have several other wallpaper surface finishes including smooth textured vinyl wallpaper for a more contemporary feel. The client has several options however the stucco finish is our favorite and we recommend using this finish with all our wall panels.

Our 300 gsm heavy weight vinyl textured wallpaper is also excellent for covering not so perfect walls. The thickness of the wall covering helps hide small bumps and the raised textured surface helps smooth out uneven surfaces. We recommend using this textured wallpaper especially if you live in a period property. Period properties have traditionally suffered in this area because of their age. large areas on the wall will usually have cracks and several areas of pitting. A thinner wallpaper will always require a thick lining paper underneath which helps hide these inconsistencies. If you do have cracks and uneven areas, always smooth them as much as possible before covering the wall and then cover with our beautiful wall panels.

Our textured wallpaper is best suited to quality ready mix tub adhesives, simply paste the wall and apply the wall panels from the top down as per your panel fitting diagram (supplied in the box).

Benefits of textured wallpaper

  • Helps to hide poor or uneven flaws and wall surfaces
  • Gives your walls a 3-dimension effect
  • A mood is created by the lighting effect on the texture
  • Adds depth to your walls