Wide width wallpaper

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wide width wallpaper

wide width wallpaperWide width wallpaper is the norm when working with commercial specifiers and experienced interior designers. Double width wallpaper as it is sometimes called is normally printed on a continuous roll or by panel and offers interior designers and architects more flexibility to create non repeating wide width wall coverings.

Traditional wallpaper is produced on the standard 52cm roll and we hold several of our best selling designs in stock. We also offer bespoke wide width wallpaper and panels which we are able to print up to a width of approx 1.3m. This means you can have a non repeating design or mural spread across multiple panels or rolls of wallpaper. Perfect for bespoke wallpaper projects in particular we love to work with wide width wallpaper.

The advantages are clear, large residential ceilings and projects can be designed for specifically, offering interior designers a totally blank canvas. Our Benjamin XL paneling for example can be printed to any width or height and is perfect for walls and ceilings alike. Jobs are designed, printed on the roll and trimmed to the desired width ready for hanging on site. One continuous wide width wallpaper roll saves time and is much easier to ship safely.

Wide width wallpaper hanging

Hanging wide width wallpaper is quite straightforward, one panel or drop of wallpaper is placed against the wall using traditional hanging techniques and the next is offered up to it. The 2nd panel should be overlapped with the first carefully by approx 20mm – 50mm. Care must be taken to match the design to the first panel on the wall. Solid colours and less fussy designs make hanging wide width wallpaper even easier. When you are happy with the placement a sharp blade and long straight edge is all that is required to trim. Trim vertically inside the area overlapped between each panel. Excess strips of wallpaper are then peeled of the wall and discarded leaving a perfect seam. Hanging wide width wallpaper when done correctly is much faster than traditional narrow rolls.